I love my family

i come of lower middle class family.

it is really very to select my aim of life dew to my Eco-social condition.

i have passed diploma civil engineering course in Dhaka polytechnic institute.

my education track is towards the technical world. in addition this,i like to mention for your kind information.

i have hobby for scientific activities from my boyhood.

moreover i have made some scientific project and attended in defendant concern competition.although i did not get any sponsor but i have contended my activities.My auto rail controller project awarded in bcsir regional competition and one of my project awarded nationally.   


Shahabuddin Sami
I went to a reception at Rabindra sarobare Everest Musa Ibrahim. The day I met Zafar Iqbal sir. He is doing what others do not like it in the country; What I am is a big country. Said Sir, you are the young generation, they do not give the name. The country's sake, do not expect from you. Country wants something from you. Sir, this has increased my confidence. I try to keep it in my life. As far beyond me, and I will give them to the country.